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Step by step making a new commisionn for Victorin style stained glass entrance panels.

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Unfortinatly on occation, stained glass windows can get damaged, but thankfully, all is not lost.

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Art work can be produced from any image, best results never look like any photo.

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1940s stained glass scene altered triple glazed and fitted to replacement door

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Stained glass panels can compleatly change your enviroment, take a look at this 19040s entrance.

Stained Glass in Newport 

Symbolism of the Stained Glass Window

Llantarnam Abbey Chapel
The stained glass window was commissioned as a memorial to celebrate the Great Jubilee of the New Millennium 2000.

The lower part of the window with green and blue glass represents the mountains and valleys of Wales where Llantarnam Abbey is situated. The mountains represent the high moments  'times of grace', inspiration and vision since our foundation in 1650. The valleys symbolise the low moments 'times of difficulty and struggle'. The blue represents the rivers 'the water of life', symbolising all that is nurturing and life-giving. The white Circle of Light symbolises the centrality of God and reflects the Eucharistic nature of our Charism. It speaks of Resurrection and the connection between this life and the next.

The upper part of the window denotes movement and energy. It symbolises the journey of life 'ever moving and forever changing'. The red represents those Sisters who were martyred during the French Revolution and all those gone before us who have given their lives in service. It also represents the life and energy of the Sisters of St. Joseph and their Associates as they respond to the need of the 21st Century.


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 Stained Glass Window by Bryn Young

 This stained glass window measures over 8 meters (27' feet) in height and was commissioned for The Sister's of St Joseph's at Llantarnam Abbey near Newport.
Made from 48 individual stained glass panels the window incorporates symbolism representing the Abbey and the Sister's themselves.


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About Bryn Young

At the age of 15, during school summer holiday work experience in 1978, local glass company 'Monmouthshire Glass' gave me an insight to creative stained glass design. I still remember the fascination and thrill of discovering ancient stained glass techniques passed through generations, that could produce beautiful coloured stained glass windows, which designed and made correctly, could last for hundreds of years to come.

Following that summer, my final year in school could not pass quick enough, I had been offered an apprenticeship as 'leaded light maker' at Monmouthshire Glass in Newport, the desire to master an ancient craft of stained glass, something that I become so passionate for and still today 35 years on.

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