Traditional Stained Glass for Original Victorian Door and Screen in Cardiff

Experienced and knowledgeable stained glass artist Bryn Young has made and repaired many stained glass windows and door panels in Cardiff and throughout South Wales, for Churches, Historic, Contemporary and Listed Buildings.
Here is a step by step process creating traditional Victorian style stained glass door and fanlight panels for a private house in Cardiff.
  existing Victorian door from the outsideexisting doorexisting door from the inside
Existing door before the stained glass is created 
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Further to discussing a short brief with the client, this highlighted a design which would appear as if the panels would look original to the building and to include green, amber and red coloured glass, also incorporating number 26.
autocad 01photoshop 01
Computer generated virtual image
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From a rough sketch to a precise 'Autocad' scaled drawing which can be used to print the full size drawing, the Autocad file can also be exported into 'Photoshop' another computer program, where a virtual image of the finished stained glass window can be generated. 
cut glass 01
The glass cut and ready for assembly
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Glass can be cut from the full size scaled drawing, for this particular project we used 'Hand Cast' pale tints, made the same way as in 19th Century with many imperfections which enhance the aesthetics of the stained glass, also incorporating salvaged Victorian glass together with mouth-blown hand spun roundels, typically found in original Victorian stained glass all around Cardiff.
   leading stained glass 01
 The glass being 'leaded' together
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Once the glass is cut, lead 'came' (H section lead channel) is used to frame each piece of glass, the came is then soldered at each intersection which holds both the glass and lead together. The next process of 'cementing' (applying thin black putty) to the panel, binds the lead and glass together.
fitting 01
Fitting the stained glass to the existing door and frame
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stained glass cardiffcardiff stained glass 
 The finished stained glass panels from outside and inside
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Authentic Victorian traditional stained glass panels

Edwardian style traditional stained glass windows made to measure

Art Deco stained glass panels made to order

About Bryn Young

At the age of 15, during school summer holiday work experience in 1978, local glass company 'Monmouthshire Glass' gave me an insight to creative stained glass design. I still remember the fascination and thrill of discovering ancient stained glass techniques passed through generations, that could produce beautiful coloured stained glass windows, which designed and made correctly, could last for hundreds of years to come.

Following that summer, my final year in school could not pass quick enough, I had been offered an apprenticeship as 'leaded light maker' at Monmouthshire Glass in Newport, the desire to master an ancient craft of stained glass, something that I become so passionate for and still today 35 years on.

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